The latest from Malik Honor

Malik Honor has been a dynamic addition to the JIE family. He is inspired by other scholars while also being an inspiration to our community. Malik’s plan is to fuse his creativity and work ethic with Columbia’s resources to develop provocative, innovative, and influential multimedia content. His involvement in the Justice-in-Education Initiative aids the attainment of his aspirations. 

Possessing an innate penchant for exploration and adventure, Malik Honor seeks to discover and delve into deeper understandings of humanity. With his perpetually expanding search for information and knowledge, and his quest of profundity for human engagement, Malik seeks to help pave the way for the explorers of future generations — the prospective warriors and adventurers birthed from destitution in urban communities worldwide. 

Malik aims to forge ways to develop resources that help these individuals positively channel their tenacity and curiosity, which is something that bolsters Malik’s target to influence prosperity, peace, and progress for all.