Research Collective


A pivotal aim of the Justice-in-Education Initiative involves transforming the public narratives about mass incarceration. The Research Collective will be concerned with laying the groundwork for the ‘field research,' which will involve reading articles (primarily ethnographic and journalistic), watching films, and asking questions about what it means to tell one’s story, to what ends, and the advantages or drawbacks to employing particular media (writing, photography, film, or a combination of these) in the service of such efforts. This project will entail going into a prison and/or local communities and conducting interviews, taking photographs, and shooting film together. The goal is to create a website on which the ‘data’ we collect – the photographs, film clips, narrative essays, field recordings (music, interviews, ambient sounds), etc. – could be archived and presented to the wider public. Collective members will acquire practical and intellectual tools that can be taken with them into their respective futures, while contributing, at the same time, to the ongoing collective work of changing the narratives about what it means to be, and to have been, incarcerated in America.