Kathy Boudin

Co-Director of Education, The Center for Justice

Dr. Kathy Boudin has been an educator and counselor with experience in program development since 1964, working within communities with limited resources to solve social...

Geraldine Downey

Director, The Center for Justice

Geraldine Downey is the Director of the Center for Justice and Professor of Psychology at Columbia University.

Eileen Gillooly

Principal Investigator, Justice in Education Initiative

Eileen Gillooly, Adjunct Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, is the Executive Director of the...

Kelley Deane McKinney

Associate Director of Communications and Special Projects, Justice-in-Education Initiative

Kelley Deane McKinney is the publisher of Public Books and associate director of communications and special projects at Columbia University’s Society of Fellows and...

Neni Panourgiá

Academic Advisor, Justice in Education Initiative

Neni Panourgiá is an anthropologist, Associate Professor at the Prison Education Program, Psychology Department, and Academic Adviser at the Justice in Education...

Cameron Rasmussen

Program Director at Center for Justice at Columbia University, The Center for Justice

Cameron Rasmussen, LMSW, has worked in program development, program management and direct service with individuals, families and communities impacted by incarceration and...

Claudia Rincón

Associate Director of Operations and Evaluations, The Center for Justice

Claudia Rincon is the Associate Director of Operations and Evaluations at the Center for Justice at Columbia University.

Mia Ruyter

Education and Outreach Manager, The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities

Mia Ruyter is the Education and Outreach Manager for the Heyman Center for Humanities and the Society of Fellows in the Humanities, Columbia University. She received her...

Isaac Scott

Arts & Communications Specialist, Justice-in-Education Initiative, Columbia University

Pastor Isaac Scott is a formerly incarcerated artist and activist. As the Program Director for The Confined Arts, he is a leader in promoting justice reform and prison...

Cheryl Wilkins

Senior Director of Education and Programs, The Center for Justice

Cheryl Wilkins is Senior Program Manager at Columbia University’s Center for Justice where her work is consistent with overcoming the damage that mass incarceration has...