Roosevelt J. Arrington

Mentor, Community Mediation Services

Roosevelt J. Arrington is a Mentor for Community Mediation Services, where he advises, counsels, teaches and guides multidimensional families with cases in Queens Family Court. He works with children who exhibit problems with truancy, disrespectful behavior, substance abuse, gang involvement, and other aggressive behaviors. Working with Roosevelt, adolescents attend weekly group sessions that help to enhance their problem solving abilities and equip them to collaborate effectively with others.

As a member of the Spring 2018 Justice-in-Education cohort, Roosevelt studied critical thinking. Returning to society after being incarcerated is not easy, and he credits the Justice-in-Education program with providing him a mentoring program and support system that have both been invaluable.

Previously, Roosevelt served as a Residential Aide for Project Renewal, a non-profit organization with the mission of ending homelessness by empowering men and women struggling with addiction and/or mental illness to rebuild their lives with renewed health, homes, and jobs. He has also been a Program Aide for BRC (The Bowery Residents' Committee), an organization that has worked to break the cycle of homelessness in New York City for the last fifty years. 

Throughout his work, Roosevelt aims to help children feel part of something bigger than themselves, and he believes that sharing his own experience as early and often as possible can help children as they think about their own futures.