Cheryl Wilkins

Senior Director of Education and Programs
The Center for Justice

Cheryl Wilkins is Senior Program Manager at Columbia University’s Center for Justice where her work is consistent with overcoming the damage that mass incarceration has left on families and communities. At the School of Social Work she presents on topics such as reentry, and families and communities affected by mass incarceration.

In the past Cheryl has worked as an academic counselor for the College Program inside Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and Associate Director for the College Initiative, a reentry program that assists men/women pursue higher education upon release. Also in the community she coordinates the Healing Community Network Program, which offers support groups inside prison and in the community.

Cheryl has co-developed trainings on how to work with youth and families who are affected by mass incarceration for high school guidance counselors, public school principals, and practitioners. Her area of research has been, Changing Minds: the Impact that College Has on Women in a Maximum Security Prison and Women on the Road to Health, a study that looks at the best way to provide an intervention to women who are at high risk to attract HIV/Aids. She has a graduate degree in Urban Affairs and sits on the board of College and Community Fellowship. She is the recipient of the Brian Fischer, Davis Putter scholarship, and the Citizens against Recidivism Award.