Several college-in-prison programs across the State of New York recently formed the New York Consortium for Higher Education in Prison. Our mission is to support students in pursuing a college education during and after incarceration and to connect them with services and opportunities that will support their reintegration. In order to do so most effectively, we propose to build a network of collaboration across institutions that are currently engaged in providing high-quality educational opportunities to incarcerated individuals. The prison population in New York is the fourth largest in the nation, distributed across over 50 correctional facilities spanning the 54,500 square miles of the state. The scale of the system, its geographic distribution, and the practice of rotating prisoner location over time pose significant challenges to students inside trying to enroll in and complete degree programs. By taking advantage of a similar statewide distribution of institutions of higher learning, however, we propose to work together to provide continuity of college education to students incarcerated throughout the State of New York. Such work will entail effective coordination between the various colleges and universities offering prison education programs and stronger collaboration with correctional facilities across the state. It will also entail sharing best practices in effectively providing higher education in prison, learning from the challenges and successful problem-solving of others, developing ways to support new programs, identifying new opportunities to extend the reach of our educational programs, finding appropriate ways to showcase the scholarship of incarcerated students, and otherwise communicating to the general public the value of college in prison.

New York Consortium for Higher Education in Prison (NY-CHEP) – Established Programs:

Attica-Genesee Teaching Project: Genesee Community College

College Program at Albion CF: Medaille College + Nazareth College

College Program at Bedford Hills CF: Marymount Manhattan College

Cornell Prison Education Program: Cornell University

Justice-in-Education Program: Columbia University

Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison: Several colleges including Mercy College, Columbia University, Nyack College, Vassar

Mohawk Consortium College in Prison Program: Colgate University, Hamilton College, Mohawk Valley Community

NYU Prison Education Program: New York University 

Prisoner Reentry Institute: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Riker’s Island Teaching Project: Borough of Manhattan Community College

Vassar College Inside-Out Courses: Vassar College