We’re thrilled that you’re interested in volunteering with the Justice-in-Education Initiative. See below for a list of our current volunteer opportunities.

Tutoring/Peer Advising

Interested in helping our Justice-in-Education scholars with their coursework here at Columbia or providing advice for adjusting to campus life?

Reach out to Lindsey Schram at ls2553@columbia.edu.

  • Open to:
    undergraduates, graduate students, instructors

Classes at Rikers

We consistently need dedicated and committed volunteers to assist our courses inside Rikers. Previously classes have included visual art and creative writing.

Reach out to Mia Ruyter at mr3460@columbia.edu.

  • Open to:
    undergraduates, graduate students, instructors

Teaching Inside the Prisons

If you are a Columbia University instructor who is interested in teaching inside the prisons, reach out to Geraldine Downey at gd20@columbia.edu.

  • Open to:

Get in touch

Don’t see any offerings that fit your experience at this time? Get in touch. Between events, workshops, and other initiatives, we always have opportunities to get involved.

Feel free to reach out to Lindsey Schram at ls2553@columbia.edu to learn more.