Past Events

Beyond the Bars 2019

March 7, 2019 - March 10, 2019

Beyond the Bars 2019 will focus on women and girls: the impact of incarceration and criminalization on women and girls, their families and communities.

Amend The 13th: A Conversation About Ending Legalized Slavery

February 22, 2019

A conversation about ending legalized slavery in the United States and abolishing the prison system as we know it

Criminal Justice Reform Public Advocate Forum

February 21, 2019

Join us for a robust conversation about criminal justice in New York City with candidates for the Office of Public Advocate.

Homeward: Life in the Year After Prison

February 18, 2019

New Books in the Arts & Sciences and Justice Forum celebrate Bruce Western's recent book: Homeward: Life in the Year After Prison

I Could Tell You 'Bout My Life: Art and Incarceration

February 7, 2019

At the age of 19, Michael Martin filmed, narrated, and directed the short film I Could Tell You 'Bout My Life, in which he reflects on his incarceration on Rikers and the...

Full Circle: Reclaiming and Reconnecting to Our Restorative Practices

February 1, 2019 - February 3, 2019

This three day experience is an opportunity for those who identify as a people of color to collectively explore restorative/transformative justice and circle practice and...

Incorrigibles: Bearing Witness to the Incarcerated Girls of New York

January 31, 2019

Incorrigibles: Bearing Witness to the Incarcerated Girls of New York by Alison Cornyn is a documentary art project borne of the stories and lives of girls and young women...

Healing Through Pain Gala

December 15, 2018

Healing Through Pain is a one-day event that honors 25 parents and 25 siblings of victims of violence.

ARTE’s 5th Anniversary Fundraiser: Reimagining Justice

December 14, 2018

Join Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE) for their 5th Anniversary Fundraiser: Reimagining Justice, an evening of art, drinks, dancing, and engaging discussion to...

Justice Long Overdue: Lessons Learned from the Successful Release of People Serving Life in Prison in Maryland and New York and Why More People Must Come Home

December 6, 2018

Join for an important examination of life sentences, parole release measures, and the success of formerly incarcerated people released after serving decades in prison.