Ending Torturous Conditions in Our Prison Systems: A Teach-in and Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Columbia Law School
107 Warren Hall
1125 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY


The Beyond the Bars fellows are hosting a teach-in and fundraiser to learn about the current crises in Mississippi prisons and the efforts to end torturous conditions in New York prisons. 

Fifteen people have died in Mississippi prisons since the start of 2020. Parchman prison is one of the more horrendous prisons in the country, and yet we know that conditions in prisons across the country are more often than not, incredibly inhumane. New York too has its own inhumane practices of solitary confinement, and nearly 1000 people have died in New York Prisons since 2010. 

Join to learn more about the injustices, but more importantly, to learn about the struggles for justice, humanity, dignity, and for a world in which prisons are not the answer to social problems.

All proceeds will go directly to the The Mississippi Reform Coalition.

There will also be an opportunity at the event to write letters to people inside Mississippi prisons as a part of the Mississippi Freedom Letters Campaign.

All justice impacted individuals are invited to join at no cost. Please email btbfundraising@gmail.com for a ticket.

Purchase tickets for the event here

This event is sponsored by The Center for Justice at Columbia University and the Beyond the Bars Fellows.