After Rikers: Course Change for People with Serious Mental Illness

Monday, March 25, 2019
9:00am - 11:00am
Baruch College
55 Lexington Ave (at 24th Street), New York, NY


This forum will open with a new, 15-minute documentary produced by Public Square Media called After Rikers: Justice by Design that explores the vision for New York's planned community-based jails. 

Panelists will discuss changes necessary to redesign delivery of Rikers' mental health services in order to treat and stabilize people within a public health, rather than a criminal justice framework.

Some of the topics to be discussed will include: should the new borough based jails be designed with specialized mental health units for people with mental illnesses; can or should LA's decision to create a mental health center in place of a new jail be replicated in NYC; what are the most prevalent mental health and character disorders among people incarcerated at Rikers Island; can people living with serious mental illness and character disorders be treated effectively in Rikers or within the criminal justice system generally; and how will a redesigned mental health delivery system for justice involved people reduce the potential for harm to victims, communities and those accused of crimes. 

Panelists include Mark-Anthony JohnsonElizabeth GlazerHomer Venters, MD, and Jeffrey Geller, MD. Cheryl Roberts will serve as moderator. 

Seating is Limited

Event presented by the Greenburger Center. Visit their website to learn more.