JIE Scholar Darryl Robertson authors article for MSNBC

Current JIE Scholar Darryl Robertson wrote a commentary on an interview between rapper Killer Mike and Robert F. Kennedy Jr for MSNBC: “Killer Mike and RFK Jr.’s bizarre interview perpetuates a disturbing political trend.” In it, he critiques the continuing trend of rappers “allowing themselves to be used by presidential candidates looking to gain access into majority Black spaces.”

Darryl is in his fourth semester at Columbia University as a JIE Scholar.

“Politicians are not wrong for wanting the votes of people who listen to hip-hop, but they can court those voters by promoting thoughtful, well-crafted policy from those with a history of policy-making, not treating every utterance by a popular rapper as deserving of serious attention.

Killer Mike won best rap album, best rap song and best rap performance at the Grammys this year because he’s good at putting words together over beats. But that doesn’t mean his policy ideas should be given attention — not even by long-shot candidates for president of the United States.”

Read the full article here.