" Tolerance and/or Equality? The ""Jewish Question"" and the ""Woman Question"""

An analysis of marginalization through lenses of tolerance versus equality; to be read in view of the public-private divide, rethinking this relationship in view of alienation to prisons. 

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Why is the condition of women, or relations among the sexes, so rarely framed in terms of a discourse of tolerance? Why did the "Woman Question" in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries not emerge as a question of tolerance? Certainly, there are occasions when gender inclusion engages this discourse, when, for example, women seek access to ostentatiously male homosocial venues such as exclusive social clubs, military schools, sports teams or their locker rooms. But equality, not tolerance, is our conventional rubric for speaking about gender desegregation and gender equity. Moreover, while women's "difference," whether identified as sexual, reproductive, or affective, may be an object of tolerance in workplaces, space missions, or combat zones, it is not women as such who are said to be tolerated in these instances, but rather their difference that becomes a matter for practical accommodation through separate facilities or for special arrangements related to pregnancy or the demands of early maternity. Why?Read more...