The Impact of Prison Arts Programs on Inmate Attitudes and Behavior: A Quantitative Evaluation

This is an academic paper on arts education programs in the prison system and their effects on inmate participant's rehabilitation process. The author presents studies held in four projects and demonstrates how exposure to the arts help inmates cultivate greater emotional control and social competence.

From the Justice Policy Journal document:

California has been a leader in prison fine arts programs. Arts-in-Corrections, the granddaddy of them all, enjoyed a highly successful 30 year run until its closure in 2010 as a result of the state's budget crisis. This study evaluates three demonstration projects modeled after AIC, and prison theater programs offered through The Actors' Gang's Prison Project and Marin Shakespeare. Inmates from San Quentin, Soledad, New Folsom and CRC, Norco state prisons participated in the study. Read more.