Restricted Reading: South Carolina Jail Bans All Books Except for the Bible

This article reports on a policy introduced at the Berkeley County Detention Center in South Carolina, which banned all publications other than the Bible. Following a lawsuit filed by the ACLU, the ban has since been lifted.

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If you’re a criminal who likes to read — and/or religious, but not Christian — then the last place you want to be jailed in is Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

According to legal complaints, the only book, good or otherwise, that inmates at the Berkeley County Detention Center can readily get their hands on is the Bible. Granted, it’s a bestseller, and there’s a lot in those pages to keep one occupied and even entertained — mind-bending seven-day creation of the universe, violence, sex, walking on water, resurrection, etc. — but sometimes you just want to read an Agatha Christie mystery. Or, if you’re Jewish, the Torah, in a copy without the extra testament. Of particular interest to prisoners just might be reading material on prisoners’ rights. Read more...