Prison Born

Explores the growing need for prison nurseries as the exponential rise of the number of women incarcerated has led to an increase in prison born babies, as well as how nursery programs in prisons can actually be an extremely potent tool of rehabilitation by humanizing the mothers’ connection to their children. 

From The Atlantic article:

Alyssa mayer was four months pregnant the day a police officer showed up at her motel room in Kingston, New York. It was late afternoon in August 2013, the sun dragging toward the Catskills on the west side of town. Earlier that week, her boyfriend, who’d been sleeping at her place since he found out about the baby, had missed a curfew check. Both of them had recently gotten out of prison on parole, and weren’t supposed to be around anyone else with a criminal record. With the authorities looking for him, they could both get in trouble. Read More.