Obama’s DOJ Says It One More Time: Private Prisons Aren’t Working

This article reports on an audit released by the DOJ which found that private prisons continue to provide insufficient medical care, staff, and oversight. The report considers the implications of these findings for the future of private prisons under the Trump administration, and can be considered with respect to Luther's position on the proper role of constables and hangmen.

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In what may be the Obama administration’s parting shot on private prisons, the Justice Department inspector general found in an audit released yesterday that yet another privately run facility is in crisis, suffering from inadequate medical care, persistent understaffing, and weak federal oversight. The audit comes after Obama’s DOJ ordered the Bureau of Prisons to begin closing all of its privately run facilities this summer, and after President-elect Donald Trump has insisted, against mounds of evidence to the contrary, that private prisons “work a lot better.” Read more...