‘Learn your manners,’ a white man wrote to his black neighbor. This was the response.

A black resident responded to a noise complaint in Manhattan apartment that read 'learn your manners', and the letter went viral on the internet.

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As he rode the subway to work, Richard Brookshire couldn’t stop seething over the letter he found taped to his door.

A friend had called at 1 a.m. Thursday, looking for advice on quitting his job. Brookshire, a manager at a leadership institute who writes on the side, paced around his Manhattan apartment for a half-hour, giving the friend advice on the right tone to strike in the resignation letter, then crawled into bed.

As the 29-year-old rushed to work hours later, he found the letter, scrawled in cursive and stuck to his door:

“It is extremely rude and inconsiderate to scream and stomp around your apartment until almost 2 a.m.,” the letter said. “A complaint has been submitted to the management. Next time this will go straight to the police. Please learn your manners.”Read more...