How the War on Drugs Advances Transnational Capitalism

This text records an interview with Dawn Paley on her book "Drug War Capitalism," which details the expansion of ideologies of the US drug war. These ideologies substantiate greater policing and prison institutions across borders, often for a profit.

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Dawn Paley, a Canadian journalist, offers a transformative view of the US war on drugs in the Western Hemisphere (with the exclusion of Canada as a targeted nation because it is a neoliberal partner of the United States in exploitation). Her just-released book, Drug War Capitalism, is a sweeping, exhaustively detailed analysis that reveals the insidious actual goals of the US-led and funded militarization south of the border in the name of destroying drug cartels. As Paley writes, "This war is about control over territory and society [and market share, cheap labor, mineral rights and profits], much more so than it is about cocaine or marijuana." Read more...