How Private Prisons Are Profiting From Locking Up US Immigrants

Article discussing the increasing privatization of immigration detention facilities given their profitability.

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Sheriff Larry Spence remembers the riot getting out of hand at around 3am on February 20, though the conflict that sparked it came hours earlier and discontent among the inmates at the Willacy County Correctional Center had festered for years. It wasn't the first incident at "Ritmo" — the Gitmo of isolated Raymondville, Texas — and Spence and his deputies had expected to arrive, make a routine show of force, and be done with it. Nobody was prepared for pandemonium.

Willacy's 2,834 inmates were mostly immigrants jailed for coming back to the US after getting kicked out at least once before and other low-level "criminal alien" offenders who also faced deportation, potentially through dangerous border crossings. Read more...