Historical Patterns of Criminalization, Marginalization, SIlencing, and Fetishization including Colonialism, Slavery, Genocide, Sex Trafficking;

 Reflection of the history of dehumanizing indigenous peoples in America as well as issues of paternalism, links the mass incarceration of indigenous people to genocidal colonialism.

From Truth Out:

"The recent right-wing militia occupation of federal land in Oregon once again reminds us that we actually live in what historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz refers to as the US "settler colonial state." Amazingly, Ammon Bundy and his clan took over this land with the claim that they were the rightful owners. With typical settler arrogance, they neglected the historical truth - that the Indigenous people of the Northern Paiute nation were there long before a single imperialist ship set sail from Europe. As journalist Simon Moya-Smith has pointed out "for Native America being overlooked is nothing new. Our voices are seldom in the mainstream, our issues disregarded ... this country has yet to recognize our humanity."

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