Dr. Leo Stanley

From the Alliance for Human Research Protection:

1913–1951: Dr. Leo Stanley
Dr. Leo Stanley, chief surgeon at San Quentin Prison for forty years, performed a wide variety of unethical experiments — which were eugenics in nature — on hundreds of prisoners. He focused on rejuvenating their masculinity through two bizarre methods: sterilization, and by implanting them with “testicular substances” from executed prisoners or, in some cases, livestock., including, testicular implant experiments.  He believed that the decline of white, masculine vigor would lead to a degrading of the moral values of the country.

Stanley was imbued with eugenic ideas; he was afraid that “undesirables” would reproduce faster than “superior” people — i.e., white Christians — and would flood society with their “defective” genes. By reinvigorating aging white men, and by sterilizing more people with less desirable traits, Dr. Stanley believed that violence in society could be reduced.