Class Divide,' '13th' tackle class, race in HBO, Netflix documentaries

This article features two documentaries that discuss race and class distinctions: HBO's "Class Divide" and Netflix's "13th". "13th" parallels slavery to the mass incarceration of Black men since the Civil War. "Class Divide" discusses gentrification in New York and the conflicts that rise from the disparity of economic classes.

From CNN:

Documentaries have become a prime platform for exploring race and class distinctions, with two worthy examples arriving the same week. "Class Divide," on HBO, exposes the impact of gentrification on a New York neighborhood, while Netflix's "13th" delves into wholesale incarceration of African-American men, connecting that to the 13th Amendment and the abolition of slavery.

Directed by "Selma's" Ava DuVernay, "13th" builds a compelling case for how after the Civil War racial division historically served the needs of political elites, and how coded language and policies -- including "wars" on crime and drugs in the 1970s and '80s, respectively -- advanced those objectives.

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