ACLU of Michigan Sues Muskegon County Over Unconstitutional Policies, Hazardous Conditions at Jail

The article covers a federal lawsuit about the inhumane and unsanitary environment for women incarcerated at Muskegon County Jail. Women in prison had limited access to basic feminine hygiene products and are frequently harassed verbally and/or sexually by the male guards.

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The ACLU of Michigan today filed a federal lawsuit against Muskegon County on behalf of eight female inmates of the Muskegon County Jail who contend that inhumane and degrading policies at the filthy, overcrowded lockup violate their constitutional rights.

The suit argues that, in addition to being exposed to unsafe physical conditions, males guards at the prison are permitted to watch female inmates even when the women have to get naked to change clothes, shower and use the toilet. The plaintiffs said they also are targeted with slurs and are often denied access to clean underwear and basic sanitary items such as toilet paper and feminine hygiene products. Read more...