Aboriginal Offenders - A Critical Situation

From the Office of the Correctional Investigator:

Outcome Gaps:  Aboriginal vs. Non-Aboriginal Offenders

Aboriginal offenders lag significantly behind their non-Aboriginal counterparts on nearly every indicator of correctional performance and outcome. These men and women are:

  • Routinely classified as higher risk and higher need in categories such as employment, community reintegration and family supports;
  • Released later in their sentence (lower parole grant rates), most leave prison at Statutory Release or Warrant Expiry dates;
  • Over-represented in segregation and maximum security populations;
  • Disproportionately involved in use of force interventions and incidents of prison self-injury; and
  • More likely to return to prison on revocation of parole, often for administrative reasons, not criminal violations.

Using statistics to demonstrate how systemic discrimination and mass incarceration in Canada as a method of controlling First Nation Peoples