A dialogue on religious liberty and civil rights

This article is a briefing of a conference held in Washington D.C. about liberty. Specifically, it focuses on conflicts between religious freedom and civil liberty that occurs in controversial issues such as gay right and abortion. 

From Mercatornet.

Last week Spiked, the British libertarian organisation, co-sponsored a conference on liberty in Washington DC, together with the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Acton Institute. On its website Spiked said:

In Europe and America, liberty is not in good shape. Hate-speech laws continue to proliferate; universities are beset by campus speech codes; the religious are told that their faith is discriminatory; and the press is besieged by the easily offended. Fundamental freedoms are everywhere under threat. spiked is not prepared to take the assault on our freedoms lying down.

Highlighting the US Constitution’s First Amendment, the half-day conference consisted of three panels dealing with, in turn, freedom of speech on college campuses and beyond; press freedom after Charlie Hebdo; and freedom of religion.

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