JIE and the Core

Through our Justice in the Core work, we seek to incorporate the study of justice-based issues more deeply into Columbia’s foundational undergraduate courses, known collectively as the Core Curriculum.  The Core Curriculum, which has been a central part of the Columbia College experience for nearly 100 years, strives to provide students with a well-rounded liberal arts education that will help them develop into innovative thinkers, leaders, and citizens.  By making supplementary texts and guided discussions that focus on social justice issues, both past and present, available to Core instructors, we also aim to build generations of socially conscious Columbians who are capable of tackling contemporary problems. Justice in the Core has three approaches: persuading our colleagues to emphasize contemporary issues of justice in the Core Curriculum; developing a Justice-in-Education website with resources for instructors and students; and leading the effort to establish a program in Justice Studies.

To get involved or donate, please contact: Nicole Callahan (nac2003@columbia.edu)