Center for Justice launches Justice Beyond Punishment Campaign

The Center for Justice’s Justice Beyond Punishment Collaborative, comprising Cameron Rasmussen, Charlene Allen, and Raphael M. Eissa, recently launched its Justice Beyond Punishment Campaign. This campaign is the Center for Justice’s newest narrative and culture change campaign dedicated to strengthening efforts for narrative change around violence, punishment, safety, and justice. The campaign website is now live (


Click here to download a one-pager that captures the “three pillars” of the collaborative’s work and organizing principles.

Click here to download an ezine entitled “Freedom for All: Why and How to Avoid Hierarchical Messages In Their Efforts to End Carceral Punishment.” This guide provides organizers and activists with a roadmap for assessing whether or not their work excludes certain communities on the path toward ending mass incarceration. This version is a draft, and the collaborative welcomes feedback before the zine is finalized and printed for distribution.

Click here to register for the campaign’s accompanying theatre production, “Beyond Punishment: Stories of Justice and Healing,” an interview-based docuscript piece created by Kirya Traber, featuring the stories of several members of the collaborative and their own lived experiences of incarceration. The performances will take place on three separate days (November 30th, December 1, and December 3) at either Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn or Hi-ARTS in Harlem, depending on the date.