Amsterdam News celebrates Kevin Campfield’s Paralegal Pathways Initiative success

In reporting on the Paralegal Pathways Initiative (PPI), Amsterdam News recounts JIE Scholar Kevin Campfield’s story of success with the program.

“…For justice-impacted New Yorkers, PPI opens doors in the highly-competitive legal field to a population often struggling to find basic employment. Prior to enrollment, Kevin Campfield said he stocked shelves overnight for CVS Pharmacy and only after a connection landed him the job.

“I did 13 years in prison, from the age of 18 to 31 [and] I studied law the whole time I was incarcerated,” he said. “I said this was something I wanted to do once I got out because it’s what I know.”

Campfield went through PPI and started applying to law firms, ultimately landing several offers. He now balances his time working as a paralegal, attending Columbia University, and runs the National Paralegal Center, his own legal support services company.

After completing his degree in general studies, Campfield has aspirations of enrolling in the law school. As for why Campfield isn’t doing pre-law, he mentioned the fewer credits needed to finish. The faster he graduates, the more quickly he starts applying for law school.

“The 13 years I’ve been in prison was enough pre-law for me,” Campfield added, chuckling.”