In the Press

New Open Access Collection Features American Prison Newspapers

July 15, 2021 In the Press

The American Prison Newspapers collection will be openly available on July 1, 2021, with additional newspapers released regularly to the collection as they are digitized.

Special Issue of Synapsis on Police, Prison, and Plagues

July 8, 2021 In the Press

“The COVID-19 pandemic has produced an uneven spatial distribution of suffering along the lines of race, gender, and class.”

PEN America Partners with Harper's Bazaar on Essay Series from Formerly or Currently Incarcerated Women

July 6, 2021 In the Press

For their most recent issue, Harper's Bazaar partnered with PEN America’s Prison Writing Program to produce a series of essays from formerly or currently incarcerated...

Jelani Cobb of Columbia Journalism School Interviews Incarcerated Writer Quntos KunQuest

June 30, 2021 In the Press

The writer Quntos KunQuest has been in prison in Louisiana for the last twenty-five years.

Making it Easier for the Formerly Incarcerated to Secure a College Education

June 28, 2021 In the Press

“Just one in six incarcerated individuals with an associate degree—and one in 20 bachelor’s degree-holders—ever return to prison.”

New Exhibition Features Work Kurdish Artist Fatoş İrwen Made in Prison

June 25, 2021 In the Press

“While in prison, İrwen says she made 1,500 artworks using hair, tea, food, shoe polish, old textbooks and newspapers, bed sheets, laundry pegs, scarves, and even mold...

New York State Senate Bill on Higher Education in Prison

June 18, 2021 In the Press

Assembly Bill A2530 would establish a commission to study and develop a plan for improving education in state prisons.

New Study Published on Overcrowded Prisons and the Racial Disparity of COVID-19

June 16, 2021 In the Press

“Covid-19 showed how the carceral system is a driver of infections not just within prisons, but in the broader communities to which inmates and jails are connected.”

Robert Greene Wins Pulitzer Prize for His Editorials on Policing

June 14, 2021 In the Press

He was one of the first journalists to warn against the impact of COVID-19 on jail and prison populations.

Ellie Wen Documentary Highlights the Parent-Child Bond through the Separation of Incarceration

May 17, 2021 In the Press

Ellie Wen’s recent short documentary “On Mother’s Day” highlights the parent-child bond through the separation of incarceration.