Recent News

Ellie Wen Documentary Highlights the Parent-Child Bond through the Separation of Incarceration

May 17, 2021 In the Press

Ellie Wen’s recent short documentary “On Mother’s Day” highlights the parent-child bond through the separation of incarceration.

The National Council for Incarcerated Women and Girls Launches Clemency Campaign

May 11, 2021 In the Press

The National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls launches the Clemency Campaign, which calls on President Biden and Vice-President Harris...

Artist Winfred Rembert, Who Labored on a Chain Gang, Featured in the New Yorker

May 4, 2021 In the Press

“With my paintings, I tried to make a bad situation look good. You can’t make the chain gang look good in any way besides by putting it in art.”

JIE Scholar Jarrell Daniels Named 2021 Truman Scholar

April 26, 2021 JIE Updates

“My story is not unique; it is one that belongs to generations of black men in America. My only hope is to change the narrative about people like me.”

The Marshall Project Launches “The Language Project”

April 23, 2021 In the Press

The Marshall Project has launched The Language Project, a discussion around the language used to describe those affected by the criminal justice system.

New York State Senate Passes ‘HALT’ Solitary Confinement Act

March 19, 2021 In the Press

“We remember the names Layleen Polanco, Kalief Browder, and Benjamin van Zandt, and the countless others whose lives have either been taken or destroyed by solitary...

Opportunity: Community Clay Arts Program for Formerly Incarcerated Persons

March 17, 2021 Opportunities

Wedging Forward is a community-based clay arts program for formerly incarcerated individuals.

New Bill Tries Again to Make Prison Phone Calls Completely Free

March 2, 2021 In the Press

“Decades of research have shown that keeping in touch with loved ones while incarcerated significantly improves an individual’s chance for successful reentry when they...

Short Documentary Highlights Columbia University’s Justice Through Code Program

February 22, 2021 In the Press

The JTC program works to solve the crisis of mass incarceration by offering life-changing access to career-track opportunities in the technology industry to people...

Bernard Harcourt and 13/13 Seminar Event Series Featured in the Intercept

February 10, 2021 In the Press

“The calls from activists and lawmakers go well beyond asking Biden to issue a moratorium, which would leave people on federal death row vulnerable to execution in the...