Robert Greene Wins Pulitzer Prize for His Editorials on Policing

June 14, 2021 In the Press

The 105th class of Pulitzer Prize winners, which were announced on Friday, June 11th, included Robert Greene of the Los Angeles Times, who was selected for “editorials on policing, bail reform, prisons and mental health that clearly and holistically examined the Los Angeles criminal justice system.”

In an email, Christopher Argentieri, the President & COO of the Los Angeles Times, wrote, 

Robert, who is a lifelong Angeleno and a lawyer by training, wrote The Times’ editorials that advanced the cause of criminal justice reform during a pivotal year. He joined The Times in 2006 and began covering criminal justice in 2011. His work took on special significance in 2020. He was one of the first journalists to warn against the impact of COVID-19 on jail and prison populations and he wrote with precision, insight and clarity on some of the toughest policy questions – including the structural racism behind excessive policing and incarceration in America, and the consequences of inadequate and poor law enforcement, especially for communities of color.