Short Documentary Highlights Columbia University’s Justice Through Code Program

February 22, 2021 In the Press

A new short documentary highlights the Justice Through Code program. Based at Columbia University, the JTC program works to solve the crisis of mass incarceration by offering life-changing access to career-track opportunities in the technology industry to people impacted by the mass incarceration crisis. 

The program is a joint initiative from the Center for Justice at Columbia University and Columbia Business School’s Tamer Center for Social Enterprise. Amazon Web Services (AWS), who made the short documentary, is among the program’s sponsors.

JTC seeks to tackle mass incarceration by addressing two of the most significant contributors to recidivism: a lack of job training and the subsequently high rates of unemployment for the formerly incarcerated. In response to these challenges, JTC aims to equip participants with the requisite skills to embark on a sustainable career in the tech industry through a semester-long coding intensive that includes interpersonal skills training and networking opportunities. The goal is for JTC students to emerge as competitive applicants for jobs, internships, or future job/tech training. 

Watch the full video here