In Large-Scale Quilts, Jesse Krimes Memorializes Those Subsumed by Incarceration

December 15, 2020 In the Press

Jesse Krimes, an American artist whose work frequently deals with incarceration and criminal justice has a new exhibition open at the Malin Gallery in New York. American Rendition features a series of large-scale quilts that depict current and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Reporting on the exhibit for Hyperallergic, Billy Anania writes,

Jesse Krimes is quilting a history of disappearance. Originally a sculptor, he developed an interest in patchwork while incarcerated. With no art supplies, he made do with old newspapers, bed sheets, pencils, and hair gel. His large-scale quilts now reach over eight feet, draped across the walls of Malin Gallery like grand tapestries. For his latest exhibition, he brings together works focused on the loss of individual identity within the prison industrial complex, interweaving victims’ cherished materials into solemn, contemplative scenes.

American Rendition continues through December 19 at the Malin Gallery (515 West 29th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan).

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