The Digital Abolitionist Launches Row Art, Voices from Inside

June 1, 2020 In the Press

The Digital Abolitionist has launched a virtual art exhibit featuring art from artists who have been directly impacted by the death penalty. This exhibit will showcase a collection of paintings, collage, poetry, etc collected in collaboration with Art of San Quentin. This exhibit is dedicated to all those facing executions during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Artists featured in this exhibit include: 
Ndume Olatushani
Albert Jones 
Anthony Navarro 
Arturo Suarez
Daniel Cervantes 
Daniel Landry 
Doug Dworak 
Frankie Gonzales 
George Williams
Glen Wade Jennings 
Jerry Frye 
Alphonso Howard
Kenneth Reams
Joe Avila 
Keith Loker
Kevin Haley 
Luis Maciel 
Royal Clark 
Todd Garton
Tauno Waidla 
Steve Champion
Ojore McKinnon 
Bill Clark

View the virtual exhibit here.