Special Edition of "The 24 Hour Plays: Viral Monologues" Focuses on COVID and Incarceration

May 13, 2020 JIE Updates

A project of Hear Us, the 24 Hour Plays: Viral Monologues (Special Edition: COVID and Incarceration) shares monologues written and performed by playwrights and actors based on the experiences of people impacted by the continued cruelty of criminalization and incarceration. 

The story of Martin Garcia, alumnus of the Prison Education Program, is featured here. 

This project of Hear Us was created in partnership with Broadway Advocacy Coalition, The 24 Hour Plays, Zealous, the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School, The Confined Arts, Releasing Aging People in Prison (RAPP), and American Friends Service Committee. 

Watch all of the monologues here