Bernard E. Harcourt Publishes New Article on Cooperationism

May 13, 2020 In the Press

Professor Bernard E. Harcourt has written an article about the current economic crisis for Critical Inquiry's online blog, “In the Moment.” 

He writes, 

Too many of us in this country are still entranced by the myth of American individualism—the idea that we can go it alone and invent and create and build things by ourselves and reap all the benefits. It is so ingrained in the public imagination, tied to the image of the pioneer gold digger and the shiny rewards of solitary hard work. The ideology undergirds the corporate form and the logic of capital extraction. But for the most part, we succeed in inventing, creating, and producing through mutual support, working together, and collaboration. It is these forms of cooperation that must ground a postpandemic economy.

Read the full article here.

Featured Image: Mia Ruyter, Hank Paulson (oil on fake leather, 2008).