UCLA Law Builds Databases on Prisons and COVID-19

April 3, 2020 In the Press

The UCLA School of Law has shared a growing comprehensive spreadsheet including results from a state-by-state survey of changes in visitor policies, requests for population reduction, and actions taken to reduce the incarcerated population.

Other covered topics: 
—Viral spread, screening procedures, and testing 
—Residents released for jail population reduction efforts 
—Residents released for prison population reduction efforts
—Requests for authoritiative actions necessary to reduce correctional population densities
—System responses and authoritative actions to reduce correctional population densities
—Specific legal requests and court orders 
—Confirmed cases, requests for decarceration, responses, and policy in youth correctional facilities 
—Visitation suspension policies and offerings of compensatory remote access 
—Descriptive summaries of ongoing policies affecting carceral conditions 
—Links and descriptions of COVID-19 fundraising efforts 
—Other organized efforts and grassroots campaigns 
—Collection of additional useful resources, recommendations, and databases

See the full spreadsheet here.