Beyond Prisons Launches Prisoner Support Guide For The Coronavirus Crisis

March 30, 2020 In the Press

Beyond Prisons is working to build a national prisoner support guide for the coronavirus crisis that will include region-specific information. 

They write in their introduction, 

The carceral system is an act of warfare against criminalized people--disproportionately Black, indigenous, POC, migrant, disabled, and poor. In a moment of massive health crisis, we have an opportunity to reconsider the interests of incarcerated people, who are now among those at the highest risk for mistreatment and medical neglect. While all incarcerated people should be free--and, as the response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran demonstrates, could be released now--our intention in this document is to highlight particular needs of incarcerated people during this outbreak, and the potential interventions we can make to mitigate harm.

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