Justice-in-Education Initiative Mentioned in the New York Times

January 29, 2020 In the Press

After spending 25 years in prison, Tyrone Abraham was granted parole. However, unless Gov. Andrew Cuomo pardons him soon, federal authorities will deport him because of his record. 

Tyrone was recently accepted into the Justice-in-Education Scholars program, but if he is deported, may never be able to attend classes here at Columbia. 

Daniel A. Gross reports on the story for the New York Times. He writes, 

Mr. Abraham’s case shows what happens when a state’s criminal justice system collides with federal immigration enforcement. In granting him parole in June 2019, New York decided that Mr. Abraham has changed as a person and deserves a second chance.

But in choosing to revoke his legal status and deport him, federal authorities send a different, contradictory message: Rehabilitation is irrelevant, and the United States does not give second chances to men like him.

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