New Report: Ending Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners

January 17, 2019 In the Press

Since 1994, prisoners have been unable to receive Pell Grants, the primary provider of federal financial aid to low-income students. A new recent report shows that lifting this ban would have “a cascade of economic benefits.”

In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Emma Pettit writes,

The report, published on Wednesday by the Georgetown Law School’s Center on Poverty and Inequality and the Vera Institute of Justice, describes a domino effect: With access to Pell Grants, it says, more incarcerated people could afford to take college classes while in prison. When they are released, they’d be less likely to reoffend and more likely to look for work. Businesses would have a larger pool of potential job applicants, the report says, and more former prisoners would get better-paying jobs.

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Featured image: April 21, 2014. Photograph by J.G. Park / Flickr