EuropeNow Publishes a Special Feature on “Crime and Punishment”

November 7, 2018 In the Press

EuropeNow has published a special feature on Crime and Punishment, with essays that focus on how often America is compared to other countries in order to emphasize the significance of American mass incarceration. Christopher M. Florio and Nicole Shea, the editors, write,

“It is in part by looking abroad to Europe that we highlight the alarming rate of American police brutality. It is in part by measuring the US prison population against the rest of the world’s that we underscore the extent to which mass incarceration is a genuinely massive problem. As we discuss criminal justice and the lack thereof in the United States, we are speaking a comparative language that we frequently neither realize nor acknowledge.

This special issue aims to advance the study of crime and punishment by bringing the matter of comparison to the fore. It includes contributions that examine issues related to crime and punishment in European countries and the United States individually, as well as contributions taking a transnational approach that investigate how such issues have reverberated across Europe and the United States (and beyond) simultaneously.”

An essay in which professor Nicole Callahan discusses liberal arts education, ethics, and her work in the Justice-in-Education Initiative appears in the special feature.