WEBINAR TODAY: Incorporating the Voice of Directly Impacted Individuals into the Prosecutor's Office

July 10, 2018 Press Releases

This webinar features suggestions for how prosecutors can incorporate the voices of currently and formerly incarcerated people into the prosecutor's office, and includes conversation with Cristine Soto De Berry, Chief of Staff at the San Francisco District Attorney's Office; Troy Williams, Coordinator for the RISE Scholar Program at Chabot College, and Sabrina Reid, from Community Work West; Lucy Lang, Special Counsel for Policy and Projects and Executive Director of Manhattan DA Academy at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office; Jarrell E. Daniels, Research Assistant at the Center for Justice at Columbia University; and Professor Geraldine Downey, Director of the Center for Justice at Columbia University. The conversation, which will be open to prosecutors and others interested in this area, will review how SFDA, DANY, and their partners developed and implemented collaborative strategies between their offices and individuals directly impacted by the criminal justice system to build a more equitable and effective criminal justice system.

TODAY, Tuesday July 10th, 4:00 - 5:00 pm EST

To register, follow the link here.