Kathy Boudin

Co-Director of Education, The Center for Justice

Dr. Kathy Boudin has been an educator and counselor with experience in program development since 1964, working within communities with limited resources to solve social...

Melissa Constantine

Digital Editor, Justice-in-Education Initiative

Digital Editor, Justice-in-Education Initiative

Nicole Delgadillo

Program Coordinator for the Prison Education Program and Center for Justice Events, Justice in Education Initiative

Nicole Delgadillo is Research Staff Assistant in the Psychology Department at Columbia University.

Geraldine Downey

Director, The Center for Justice

Geraldine Downey is the Director of the Center for Justice and Professor of Psychology at Columbia University.

Tess Drahman

Communications & Web Coordinator, Justice in Education Initiative

Tess has been working in higher education for over eight years. She began at Columbia University in 2013 as Program Coordinator of the Institute for Research on Women,...

Eileen Gillooly

Principal Investigator, Justice in Education Initiative

Eileen Gillooly, Adjunct Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature and the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, is the Executive Director of...

Kelley Deane McKinney

Communications Manager, Justice-in-Education Initiative

Kelley Deane McKinney is the communications manager at Public Books and Columbia University’s Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities, where she manages...

Cameron Rasmussen

Program Director at Center for Justice at Columbia University, The Center for Justice

Cameron Rasmussen, LMSW, has worked in program development, program management and direct service with individuals, families and communities impacted by incarceration and...

Claudia Rincón

Associate Director of Operations and Evaluations, The Center for Justice

Claudia Rincon is the Associate Director of Operations and Evaluations at the Center for Justice at Columbia University.

Richard Roderick

JIE Scholars Program Administrator, Justice in Education Initiative

Richard, is the Program Coordinator for the Justice-in-Education Initiative and a Community Outreach Fellow. He holds a BA in Sociology from Pitzer College and plans to...