Isaac Scott

Arts & Communications Specialist, Justice-in-Education Initiative
Columbia University

Isaac Scott is a mixed-media fine artist and graphic designer studying film and media at the Columbia University School of General Studies. He is currently the Arts and Communications Coordinator at the Center for Justice at Columbia University, teaching young adults graphic design while managing the center’s public outreach. Isaac has decided to focus his visual arts major on filmmaking to fulfill his lifelong goal of highlighting the narratives of stigmatized populations like his own. Isaac recognizes the tremendous need for realistic and honest representations of men and women who like him, who have been convicted of a crime in the past. He also understands the healing power of the arts: it transforms both the audience and the artist. His passion as an advocate for justice reform runs deep, as he is directly affected by the justice system and its disenfranchising nature.

Today Isaac is a leader in promoting justice reform through the transformative power of the arts. Since Mr. Scott's return to society, he has used his passion for the arts to accomplish goals that could not have been achieved without such a socially valued means of expression. Through his accomplishments as the Program Director for The Confined Arts, he is now in a position to assist those artists following behind him. He has made an impact in those involved in reentry through the field of arts and holds a position with Columbia University where he can use his creativity in many different ways to educate and promote change.