Past Events

Teaching Philosophy in Jails and Prisons: A Roundtable Discussion with Researchers and Educators

May 21, 2019

Please join for a roundtable discussion at the Heyman Center on the aims and challenges of teaching philosophy in jails and prisons.

Art from Within

May 18, 2019

Through a collaboration between El Museo del Barrio and Columbia University’s Justice-in-Education Initiative, incarcerated people created art on the theme of self-care...

Restorative Approaches to Sexual Harm and the Patriarchy

March 29, 2019 - March 31, 2019

Join The Ahimsa Collective for a three day training, where participants will explore restorative approaches to sexual harm and the systems that support it.

Racism and Criminology: Intentional Curriculum Design in Higher Education

March 26, 2019

What is the cultural and political purpose of higher education in an era of mass incarceration?

After Rikers: Course Change for People with Serious Mental Illness

March 25, 2019

Panelists will discuss changes necessary to redesign delivery of Rikers' mental health services in order to treat and stabilize people within a public health, rather than...

Say It Forward: Art and Social Justice

March 14, 2019

This event will explore the possibilities and challenges of combining literary art and social justice.

After Rikers: Justice by Design

March 13, 2019

Join Open House New York for the public premiere of a short film that explores the vision for community-based jails proposed as part of the city's efforts to reform the...

Sanctuary Law: Can Religious Liberty Protect Immigrants?

March 13, 2019

This program will comprise a panel discussion with a diverse group of experts considering the role of religion in the immigrants’ rights movements of the 1980s and today.

Beyond the Bars 2019

March 7, 2019 - March 10, 2019

Beyond the Bars 2019 will focus on women and girls: the impact of incarceration and criminalization on women and girls, their families and communities.

Amend The 13th: A Conversation About Ending Legalized Slavery

February 22, 2019

A conversation about ending legalized slavery in the United States and abolishing the prison system as we know it