JIE Updates

Justice-in-Education Scholar Helps Make a Mobile App Alternative to 911

September 25, 2020 JIE Updates

Justice-in-Education Scholar Tomás Correa is part of the team of formerly incarcerated software engineers who built a no-police alternative to 911.

NY-CHEP Stands in Solidarity with Statement on George Floyd and the Police State

June 2, 2020 JIE Updates

"We understand anti-racism as inextricable from our primary work to build a more just society by creating higher education opportunities for women and men during and...

Special Edition of "The 24 Hour Plays: Viral Monologues" Focuses on COVID and Incarceration

May 13, 2020 JIE Updates

Monologues written and performed by playwrights and actors, based on the experiences of people impacted by the continued cruelty of criminalization and incarceration

New Justice-in-Education Workshop on Ethnography, Isolation, and COVID-19

May 8, 2020 JIE Updates

This workshop aims to provide students with the necessary skills to create ethnographic and auto-ethnographic reflections on the current COVID-19 health crisis.

Justice-in-Education Scholar Lisette Oblitas is a Featured Artist in New Book

February 10, 2020 JIE Updates

Justice-in-Education Scholar Lisette Oblitas is one of the featured artists in Nicole R. Fleetwood's Marking Time: Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration, out in April from...

The Studio Museum in Harlem Takes its Art to a Correctional Facility

September 26, 2019 JIE Updates

Columbia University’s Justice-in-Education Initiative and The Studio Museum in Harlem joined forces last summer to encourage incarcerated men to express their trauma...

JIE Scholar Appears in National Geographic Episode of Activate

September 11, 2019 JIE Updates

Cash bail makes it a crime to be poor in America, but activists and artists have a plan to change that. Learn more about the effort to end cash bail when ACTIVATE airs...

An Evening in Support of the Beyond Rosie's Campaign

September 8, 2019 JIE Updates

The aim of the Beyond Rosie’s campaign is to secure a stand-alone centralized and service-enriched facility in Manhattan for the people who identify as women currently...

“Should Prisoners Have the Right to Vote?”

September 3, 2019 JIE Updates

The Rikers Debate Project, teaches competitive debate skills, conflict resolution, and public citizenship, to individuals in Rikers Island jail.

Celebrating Recent Policy Proposals from Columbia’s Justice Ambassadors Youth Council Grand Summit

July 11, 2019 JIE Updates

The event marked the culmination of an eight week course hosted by Columbia University’s Center for Justice in which youth, aged 16-24, worked alongside city officials to...