In the Press

Creative Time and The Fortune Society present Bring Down the Walls

May 3, 2018 In the Press

Creative Time, in partnership with The Fortune Society, artist Phil Collins and over 100 collaborators, presents Bring Down The Walls, a three-part public art project...

JIE Scholar Darryl Epps featured in Cornell Chronicle

April 19, 2018 In the Press

Darryl Epps, 2017 JIE scholar, is featured in a recent article in the Cornell Chronicle.

New York Times Article: "Senate Leaders Reconsider Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners"

February 16, 2018 In the Press

"Senate Leaders Reconsider Ban on Pell Grants for Prisoners" by Erica L. Green, published in The New York Times, February 15, 2018.

JIE Scholar Topeka K. Sam hosts a new groundbreaking show on SiriusXM Urban View Last Mile Second Chances.

January 5, 2018 In the Press

Topeka K. Sam hosts a new groundbreaking show on SiriusXM Urban View Last Mile Second Chances. Last Mile Second Chances is a continuation of the radio documentary 'The...

Columbia Faculty Bernard Harcourt Defends Terminally Ill Inmate on Death Row

December 20, 2017 In the Press

Bernard Harcourt's article "The Ghoulish Pursuit of Executing a Terminally Ill Inmate" appears in this week's The New Yorker. 

Winning Manuscripts of PEN America’s 2017 Prison Writing Contest

December 5, 2017 In the Press

Every year, hundreds of inmates from around the country submit poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and dramatic works to PEN America’s Prison Writing Contest, one of the few...

Prison Ivy: Why NY is expanding top tier higher education in prisons

September 27, 2017 In the Press

CBS This Morning's Mark Albert reports on plans to expand prison education in New York. Interview with Columbia Professor of Philosophy Christia Mercer.

Justice-in-Education Scholars Program Director Nicole Callahan and Public Humanities Fellows Nicole Gervasio and Emily Hainze featured in Public Books' Virtual Roundtable on Engaged Scholarship and Teaching.

September 22, 2017 In the Press

Justice-in-Education Scholars Program Director Nicole Callahan and Public Humanities Fellows Nicole Gervasio and Emily Hainze featured in Public Books' Virtual Roundtable...

Carl Hart, Professor of Psychology, writes OpEd in New York Times on the Opioid Emergency

August 22, 2017 In the Press

Dr. Carl Hart, Dirk Ziff Professor of Psychology, has written an article on the Opioid Emergency in this weekend's New York Times. 

Justice-in-Education Scholar Topeka K. Sam writes op-ed for Open Society

July 31, 2017 In the Press

Justice in Education Scholar Topeka K. Sam has been featured on Open Society with an op-ed on America’s Probation & Parole Systems. Click here to read the article.