Featured News

Syllabus: A History of Poverty

December 18, 2018 JIE Updates

This is the syllabus for a course taught in 2017 at a maximum-security New York State prison. The course investigates the history of American poverty from the colonial...

Announcing the 2018-2020 Social Justice Institute Cohort

September 5, 2018 Opportunities

The BCRW Social Justice Institute is thrilled to welcome the 2018-2020 cohort, with Artist-in-Residence La Vaughn Belle, Researcher-in-Residence Mariame Kaba,...

Recent News

“Rethinking Justice” Awarded an Action Grant from Humanities New York

January 27, 2021 JIE Updates

The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities received a $4,606 action grant for Rethinking Justice.

Special Issue of Synapsis on Justice-in-Education and Covid-19

January 25, 2021 JIE Updates

Justice-in-Education and Covid-19 collects auto-ethnographies of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated writers as they respond to the initial Covid-19 lockdown in NYC.

Opportunity: PEN America's Writing for Justice Fellowship

January 25, 2021 Opportunities

PEN America’s Writing for Justice Fellowship commissions writers to create written works of lasting merit that illuminate critical issues related to mass incarceration...

In Large-Scale Quilts, Jesse Krimes Memorializes Those Subsumed by Incarceration

December 15, 2020 In the Press

“‘American Rendition’ interweaves materials cherished by current and formerly incarcerated people into contemplative scenes.”

The Case for Vaccinating Incarcerated People First

December 10, 2020 In the Press

Bad health care should never be part of someone’s penal sanction. Nor should we ignore failings on this front on the grounds that the people facing a health crisis are...

New Columbia Course on Technology, Democracy, and the Question of the Human (Spring 2021)

December 10, 2020 Opportunities

Professor Neni Panourgiá has created “‘Man-machine’: Medical Technology, Democracy, and the Question of the Human” a course open to students at Columbia University and...

Opportunity: Paralegal Pathways Initiative

December 8, 2020 Opportunities

The Paralegal Pathways Initiative seeks to amplify the talents and perspectives of formerly incarcerated individuals by connecting them with employment opportunities in...

County Jail Limits Inmates’ Access to Books

November 20, 2020 In the Press

Studies show that reading can improve mental health and is even used as a form of therapy. In Brazil and Italy, inmates can reduce their sentence by three days for every...

New Art Exhibition and Online Event Series about Art, Prison, and Justice Opens in San José

November 19, 2020 In the Press

“Dangerous limits have been placed on the very possibility of imagining alternatives.”

Opportunity: Justice Fellows Policy Program

October 13, 2020 Opportunities

The Education Trust (Ed Trust) is excited to launch their Justice Fellows Policy Program, a vibrant and nurturing community of practice of directly impacted, formerly...